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Explanatory videos and mini-documentaries

A decision creates certainty and clarity (in German)

It was a completely unexpected turn of events when the Michel family was forced to deal with their beloved daughter and sister being taken from them. During the conversation with the family, the responsible intensive care physician asked about organ donation, but the will of the deceased young woman was not known. How could the family – while dealing with the shock of the news of her death – make a decision on behalf of their daughter? The new mini-documentary from Swisstransplant shows this stressful situation.
Publication: 2020

How does organ donation work in Switzerland? (in German)

This video explains how organ donation works in Switzerland.
Publication: 2019

National Organ Donor Register (in German)

Watch the following video to find out exactly how the entry in the National Organ Donor Register works (in German). 
Publication: 2018

National Organ Donor Register (with key messages and in German)

Watch the following video with blue key messages to find out exactly how the entry in the National Organ Donor Register works (in German). 
Publication: 2018

An important conversation

The Bühlmanns have already taken care of a number of necessary provisions, but they had a difficult time talking about the topic of death and organ donation. Our mini-documentary shows how important it is to talk openly about this issue with your partner and your adult children.
Publication: 2017

A strong young woman

What’s it like to be 16 when your life depends on whether you receive a donor lung? Arta shares her thoughts on Instagram and shows us what life on the waiting list is like. This is a further mini-documentary featuring the story of a strong young woman who is bravely fighting cystic fibrosis.
Publication: 2017

A dedicated team

How is organ donation organized in Switzerland? Who are the people involved? Our mini-documentary offers an insight into the work and experiences of the doctors who lead the five Swiss organ donation networks.
Publication: 2017

Fast cars and family

What led Sébastien Studer to agree to become an organ donor? Thanks to an organ donation, his sister gained a new life. Sébastien has other reasons as well, though. Our mini-documentary tells the story of a man with a racy hobby.
Publication: 2017

Coming full circle

Why did Baavalan Veerakatthi choose to study medicine? As a child, the doctor-to-be received a liver transplant. Our mini-documentary takes him back to visit Professor Barbara Wildhaber, who was also one of his doctors at the time. He is now applying to write his master’s thesis under the supervision of Professor Wildhaber and Professor Valérie McLin.
Publication: 2017

A completely normal life

What sort of thoughts go through the mind of someone waiting for an organ? What is the background behind the transplant? And what does life look like afterwards? Our mini-documentary tells the moving story of Michelle Hug, a woman bursting with the joys of life.
Publication: 2017

A tough decision

Where did Barbara Meyer draw the strength to opt for an organ donation following the sudden death of her husband, despite not having discussed it in detail with her family? Our mini-documentary depicts a strong woman facing a tough decision.
Publication: 2017

Joined in a common destiny

What brought Gianni and Matthias together to play pétanque? Our mini-documentary tells the tale of an unexpected friendship, with its beginnings at a bus stop – and a bag from Swisstransplant and a common destiny.
Publication: 2017

Recap film «European Organ Donation Day 2017»

A few weeks have now passed since the European Day for Organ Donation and Transplantation on 9 September. Your great images captured a whole host of wonderful emotions and moments for us to look back on. And now we are delighted to look back on these memories with you – so don’t miss our recap film!