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Who can people affected by organ transplantation contact?

Here you will find a list of associations and organizations for people affected by organ transplantation and their families – for patients on the donor waiting list, for families facing the tragic loss of a loved one or friend or organ recipients who would like to get involved in the donation cause.

Although the Swiss Transplantation Act forbids a donor’s family and the recipient from knowing each other’s identities, «Habdank» (german, french and italian) provides a platform for those affected – families of donors and recipients – to express their gratitude and feelings, and to tell their stories anonymously. Organ recipients who wish to thank a donor’s family, but do not wish to do so online, can also send a letter to the donor’s next of kin via Swisstransplant. This option is also available to donors’ families who would like to know how the organ recipients are.

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Association Neuchâteloise des Dialysés et Transplantés
(Neuchâtel dialysis and transplantation association)


Associazione Ticinese per Pazienti di Insufficienza Renale
(Ticino association of patients suffering from kidney diseases)


Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Cystische Fibrose (Swiss society for cystic fibrosis)

Swiss paediatric liver center

Children's hospital and university hospitals of Geneva HUG


Elternvereinigung lebererkrankter Kinder
(Association for parents of children suffering from liver diseases)


Elternvereinigung für das herzkranke Kind
(Association for parents of children suffering from coronary diseases)

Fondation AGIR

Fondation pour la transplantation d’organes et l’aide des malades insuffisants rénaux de la région genevoise
(Foundation for organ transplantation and treatment of kidney diseases in the Geneva region)

Insieme per ricevere e donare

Associazione per la donazione d’organi in Ticino
(Ticino association for organ donation)


Stiftung Hornhautbank (Cornea tissue bank foundation)

Kids Kidney Care

Association supporting children and young people (and their families) suffering from kidney diseases

nephro Aktuell

All the latest nephrology news for patients and interested parties (published by Baxter [Switzerland] AG)


Swiss association of lung transplant patients


Association for organ donation


Geneva foundation supporting persons and their families affected by organ donation or transplantation

Schweizerischer Transplantierten Verein

The Schweizerischer Transplantierten Verein (Swiss association of transplant patients – STV) brings together people who have received an organ transplant, and welcomes all organ recipients and their families


The Swiss Organ Living-Donor Health Registry


The Swiss Organ Living-Donor Association (Liver and Kidney Donors)


A platform for coronary patients (and their families) waiting for a heart donor to share their experiences

STV sports team

The STV sports team consists of people of various ages who have received an organ transplant, and those who have not, who enjoy sport


Transplant Adventure Camps for Kids: TACKERS brings together children from around the world who have received transplants to participate in adventure camps, where they have the opportunity to meet other children who have been through a similar experience

Verein für Organspende Schweiz

Der Verein für Organspende Schweiz möchte die Arbeit der Familien von Organspendern und der Teams in den Spitälern, unterstützen und bekannt machen.

Vivere il trapianto

We are a small group of people who have all received an organ transplant, and we organize a series of meetings as we have all faced a similar struggle and want to share our experiences

Verband Nierenpatienten Schweiz (Swiss association of kidney patients – VNPS)

A self-help organization for patients suffering from kidney diseases


Support for people in life and grief (accompanying discussion groups for persons who have received an organ transplant and their families), foot washing and anointing and sound journeys