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For students and young people

Even a small idea can lead to very big things – just like this project. It began with a thesis, and over time grew into a nationwide awareness campaign. Find out what it’s all about here on our sites in german, french or italian.

Young people like us do a great deal for organ donation. But this isn’t about us – we’re putting you in the spotlight. We approach students and teachers directly, and we do it in our own way.

You can see how we do that here, plus all the latest news about our campaign, all the exciting goings-on, who is getting involved and what we are achieving with our campaign.

We have also put together a special brochure just for you and your friends. Put it to good use and get in touch with us! If you would like to see this project at your school as well, why not ask your teachers if they would be willing to incorporate organ donation in their lessons? Using our teaching materials, it won’t take much for them to include this topic in their subjects.

Take the decision into your own hands and make the choice now! It doesn’t matter whether you’re for or against organ donation – what we want is for you to decide.