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The new campaign – Let’s talk about organ donation

The core message of the new campaign launched by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) is «Let’s talk about organ donation», and is designed to reach the entire population. It encourages people to think about the topic, make a decision regarding organ donation, and not just to record their decision, but also to inform their relatives about it. The aim is to use the decisions made by a few individuals to start a movement, which as it goes on will reach an increasing number of people and motivates them to make a decision as well.

A new website,, and a new key visual underlining the core message – take part and spread the word – form the heart of the campaign. A revised organ donor card and accompanying brochure are available to order or download via the campaign website. The brochure contains a detachable donor card plus a duplicate which people can give to their relatives as proof of their decision. The TV advert takes a congenial approach to the topic and shows that it is never a bad time to talk about the important things in life. The campaign also uses social media to reach the younger age group.

The campaign is part of the «Mehr Organe für Transplantationen» (More organs for transplantations) initiative launched by the Federal Council in March 2013. It will be implemented in a number of stages over the next four years from September 2016 until April 2020.

Swisstransplant as a partner
The Swisstransplant foundation is fully supporting the campaign as an official partner. All campaign measures and information published have been worked out with Swisstransplant. Over the next four years, additional partners will also be brought on board, including medical practices, pharmacies and chemists.

Be part of the campaign

You are also invited to take part in the movement and spread the word to support the campaign. By joining forces and working together, we can give the campaign’s core message – «Let’s talk about organ donation» – even more weight.