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National Organ Donor Register

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Your decision on organ and tissue donation


The National Organ Donor Register gives you the opportunity to record your decision about whether you wish or do not wish to donate your organs and/or tissue for transplantation after your death. The entry in the register is an act of free will and can be changed at any time. Another option allows you to specify whether you wish or do not wish to make non-transplantable organs and/or tissue available for research purposes. The National Organ Donor Register is, therefore, an up-to-date solution to the previously deployed organ donor card. Your decision is no longer recorded on paper but in a secure database.

Explanatory video about the National Organ Donor Register

The following video explains how the entry in the register works (in German):

Your entry in the National Organ Donor Register ensures peace of mind

Joining the National Organ Donor Register gives you and your next of kin the peace of mind that your organs will only be donated if you have given your consent. Joining also offers other advantages:

  • In the National Organ Donor Register you can record your decision for or against organ and/or tissue donation.
  • This takes just a few steps.
  • You can change your decision at any time (once your entry has been validated).
  • By joining the register, you will relieve your next of kin and the medical professionals of the burden of having to make this decision. Moreover, you will have peace of mind, knowing your wishes will be honoured.

How does the register work in the event of death?

If the question arises about a possible organ donation in the event of imminent death in hospital, the competent medical professional will call Swisstransplant and ask whether you have recorded your decision in the register.

Do you have any other questions? Here we give you even more answers.

How does organ donation work in Switzerland? (in German)

This video explains how organ donation works in Switzerland.