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National Organ Donor Register

For most of us, the question of whether to agree to an organ donation comes out of the blue. A family member has passed away, and their next of kin have to decide whether to donate their organs under hugely stressful circumstances. In over 60 per cent of cases, the next of kin don’t know whether their relative wanted to donate their organs or not. That’s why it’s so important to make a clear decision before your death.


By entering a decision in the National Organ Donor Register, you are making your wishes clear. It means you and your next of kin can rest assured that there is a clear record of your decision on organ donation, and that it will definitely be implemented if the worst happens.

Why join the National Organ Donor Register?

  • To reduce the pressure on your next of kin by making sure they know what your wishes are if the worst happens
  • To reduce pressure on hospital staff, who will be able to implement your wishes without worrying about whether they are doing the right thing
  • Recording your wishes is quick and easy; you can do it from your smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Your decision is recorded in a secure database and can be modified at any time

Record your decision