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The privacy of your data

The National Organ Donor Register is a secure database that is connected to the Internet. A decision for or against organ and/or tissue donation can be recorded there. There is also an option in the register for documenting that the decision for or against an organ and/or tissue donation has been left to a person of trust. Joining the register is an act of free will and is free of charge.

In conjunction with the entry in the register, the following personal details of the person wishing to join or who has already joined are processed: last name, first name, date of birth, home town/place of birth, postal address, e-mail address, mobile phone number, identity card/passport (for online identification), documentation of decision, details of the person of trust (if selected).

Data storage: The data in the register are stored in a secure data centre in Switzerland. Swisstransplant has contractually agreed appropriate measures to maintain data privacy and data security.

Disclosure of data: No data from the register are published or disclosed to third parties, with the exception of register checks by hospitals as described below.

Register checks by hospitals: In the event of a terminal diagnosis and after a decision to cease treatment, the attending medical professionals can have the register checked to establish whether the patient concerned has an entry there. Swisstransplant National Transplant Coordination carries out the checks. If there is an entry in the register that documents consent to or refusal of organ/tissue donation, the hospital that requested the check is sent a digital copy of the data sheet signed by the registered person concerned. If the patient concerned has opted for an organ/tissue donation, the competent medical professionals in the hospital will have a private conversation with the deceased person’s next of kin or person of trust if the registered person has transferred the decision to a designated person of trust, and hand over the data sheet.

Check by the registered persons: Online access enables you to check your personal details in the register at any time. You can change or remove your personal details in the register at any time. If a medical professional checks the register, a corresponding notification is sent to the e-mail address indicated in the relevant register entry. This enables you to react if a register check has been made without good reason.


Here you can access and download the full conditions for entries in the National Organ Donor Register (in GermanFrench or Italian).