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Registration is relatively easy

Interested persons can register relatively easily at a contact point for instance in a hospital. First, they must identify themselves with their identity card or passport and then their decision can be recorded directly. They are given the data sheet with their decision and the conditions to be signed on the spot. A staff member in the hospital directly uploads the data sheet into the register.

Swisstransplant then checks that the registration is complete and confirms it. The persons who have registered are sent a confirmation e-mail and their login details. This means that their registration has been completed and is valid. Should you change your mind, you can change your decision online or get back in touch with a contact point.

Your hospital or clinic would like to offer a contact point?

In order to familiarise the public at large with the register on its launch, we are counting on the active support of hospitals and clinics. H+ Die Spitäler der Schweiz (Swiss hospitals association) also backs the Swisstransplant Organ Donor Register. Against this backdrop we would like to bring you on board as a partner of the National Organ Donor Register. We are specifically looking for interested hospitals and clinics that would like to offer a contact point for the National Organ Donor Register as pilot hospitals.

Swisstransplant, together with interested hospitals, would like to offer people the option of recording their entry in the register during their hospital admission in a pilot phase. The register meets a need of the general public and can – particularly because joining is an act of free will – ensure peace of mind in conjunction with the sensitive issue of organ donation and relieve the medical professionals of the burden of having to make this decision. If you agree to be a pilot hospital for the recording of entries in the National Organ Donor Register, we will give you an introduction and training.

Please notify your interest in participating as a contact point for Swisstransplant to: