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How do I join the Register?

You can enter your decision for or against organ and/or tissue donation in just a few steps. First, you enter your personal details and create a username and password. Then you record your decision. You can also leave a personal message for your next of kin and upload a photo of yourself.

The entry in the National Organ Donor register is deemed to have been completed and valid when your scanned signed entry is in the register. There are various options for this:

  • You print out the data sheet with your personal details and your decision, sign and scan (or take a photo of) it, and then upload it with a copy of your identity card/passport into the register. OR:
  • You print out the data sheet with your personal details and your decision, sign it and send it to Swisstransplant, Nationales Organspende-Register, Effingerstrasse 1, 3011 Bern, Switzerland. OR:
  • Swisstransplant prints out the data sheet with your decision and sends it to you. You check your decision and sign the data sheet. You then return it in the enclosed reply envelope for scanning to Swisstransplant.

Once registration has been completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. The entry is then valid.

Change/remove decision

Use your login details to access the register. You can then change or remove your decision (once your entry has been validated) at any time.

In the event of your death

In the event of a terminal diagnosis and after a decision to cease treatment, the attending medical professionals can have the register checked to establish whether the patient concerned has an entry there. Swisstransplant National Transplant Coordination carries out the checks. If there is an entry in the register that documents consent to or refusal of organ/tissue donation, the hospital that requested the check is sent a digital copy of the data sheet signed by the registered person concerned. If the patient concerned has opted for an organ/tissue donation, the competent medical professionals in the hospital will have a private conversation with the deceased person’s next of kin or person of trust if the registered person has transferred the decision to a designated person of trust, and hand over the data sheet.

Explanatory video about the National Organ Donor Register

The following video explains how the entry in the register works (in German):