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Why become a donor?

Every person who has a donor liver, a new lung or somebody else’s heart beating in their body knows that they owe their survival to a real lifesaver. Transplantations have been performed with increasing success in recent years due to advances in medicine and research. Today, patients with a donor organ have a much higher life expectancy and a significantly better quality of life than they had just a few years ago.

An organ donor can save the lives of up to seven people. In Switzerland, over 1,480 people are currently waiting for a new organ (as of December 2016). Around 100 people die every year because a suitable organ could not be found for them. These are all reasons to save somebody else’s life after your own death.

The following stories from people who have received transplants show just how much can be achieved with organ donation. All these people have been given a second chance: they reveal what their lives were like before their transplantations, and what life is like now.