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Mathias Z., born 1953. The retired human resources manager from the canton of Zurich received a liver transplant in 1992.

“Twenty-three years ago, when I was lying in the University Hospital Zurich after receiving a liver transplant due to congenital liver fibrosis, our two daughters were still at playgroup and nursery school. And now my wife and I have become grandparents for the second time. That’s so much more than I dared hope for from this second life. I’m so grateful for this lifetime that has been given to me – with all its ups and downs, contrasts and polar opposites. I experience that more than ever when I go out on one of my long runs, and, above all, particularly in the time spent with our grandchildren.

It keeps me young and makes me glad to be alive. And to celebrate the 20th anniversary of my transplant, I was even able to fulfil a lifelong ambition: after running countless half marathons, I managed to join the running elite and complete a full marathon. I ran it in memory of my donor and all those people who supported me during the biggest crisis of my life, 23 years ago.

Even today I’ve got several ‘life projects’ I would still like to realize – as long as I’m given a bit more time by our Lord. As the saying goes: ‘Do not fear death, but rather the inadequate life!’”

Source: Swisstransplant