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Summer World Transplant Games 2019

Join the Swiss Team for the Summer World Transplant Games! In Newcastle Gateshead (UK), 17.08.2019- 23.08.2019.

The Swiss Team welcomes transplant recipients of all ages. It is not winning medals that counts it participating that is important. The following sports are part of the WTG program: athletics, swimming, virtual triathlon, golf, cycling, tennis, badminton, squash, darts, petanque, bowling, archery, volleyball, basketball and football.

The World Games are for all not only for high level sports enthusiasts. The 2019 Games are a wonderful opportunity for every for transplant recipients, their families and friends and to adopt the WTGF ‘Fit for Life!’ initiative.

The Game are also an occasion to pay homage to donor families and living donors. The Swiss Team would be honored to welcome donors and donor families who wish to joint them as part of the team in Newcastle where there will be a donor category for the 5km road race, the 100m sprint, the ball throw, long jump and 50m freestyle swim.

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Registration open from 03.12.2018 until 01.05.2019.