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Executive Staff

The Executive Staff includes the three staff units of Research, Quality & Process Management and Executive Support. The most important duties of the Research unit are authoring and publishing specialist articles on the subjects of organ donation... (read more) 

National Transplant Coordination

National Transplant Coordination allocates the available donor organs to recipients in consultation with the transplantation centres, organizes and coordinates all activities related to the allocation process at a national level and works with allocation... (read more)

Donation Management

The Donation Management department forms the Organ and Tissue Donation in Switzerland organization together with the committees of the National Committee for Organ Donation (CNDO). At a regional level, Donation Management... (read more)


The objective of the Communications department is to raise awareness among our target groups of the issue of organ donations and transplantation. In doing this, its focus is on the medical professionals directly involved in... (read more) 

Finance, IT, Human Resources and Administration

The Finance, IT, Human Resources and Administration department is responsible for all administrative processes and tasks. Its objective and main task is to ensure the smooth running of the Swisstransplant offices from an... (read more)

Organisation chart from Swisstransplant