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Donation Management

The Donation Management department forms the Organ and Tissue Donation in Switzerland organization together with the committees of the National Committee for Organ Donation (CNDO). At a regional level, Donation Management maintains close contact with the Medical Professionals in Organ and Tissue Donation (FOGS), who work in hospitals as coordinators for organ and tissue donations. In addition to the close collaboration with the committees and medical professionals, Donation Management is also responsible for various specialist tools. These include the Swiss Donation Pathway, which details the guidelines that must be followed during the donation process and was designed as a national standard for hospitals. Blended Learning, a standardized national training programme, is based on the guidelines of the Swiss Donation Pathway. The purpose of the Blended Learning training programme for medical professionals is to identify all potential donors in Switzerland and conduct the donation process in accordance with predefined quality standards. Developed in accordance with the guidelines of the Transplantation Act, the SwissPOD (Swiss Monitoring of Potential Donors) database enables the identification of organ and tissue donors and the tracking of the donation process, which in turn makes it possible for hospitals to influence the quality of their donation process. The Critical Incident Reporting System (CIRS) is a system for reporting critical incidents in the donation process which also aims to enable mutual learning and process improvements.