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Information: coronavirus and organ donation/transplantation

Information on organ donation and transplantation
The current situation with regard to the coronavirus in Switzerland also affects organ donation and transplantation. Swisstransplant, the organ and tissue removal hospitals and the transplantation centres have introduced precautionary measures in the wake of the outbreak.
All potential organ donors will be tested for coronavirus by means of a nose-and-throat swab. If the test result is negative (no trace of coronavirus), there is no contra-indication for organ donation. The organs can be donated and transplanted. If the test result is positive (traces of coronavirus), a lung transplant cannot be carried out under any circumstances. The remaining organs will only be accepted for urgent life-saving transplantations following consultation with an infectologist from one of the university medical centres.

Information for people who have received transplantations
People who have received transplantations or are taking immunosuppressants are advised to consult their doctor or their nearest transplantation centre. Each patient has a different medical history, which means your doctor is in the best position to decide which measures to take in relation to the coronavirus.

You can find further information on the coronavirus on the FOPH website. Professionals will find more on our coronavirus info page.